Statewide Judgment Lien (Upper Court) Search Gap Update

As a follow-up to our notification from April 10, 2020 referencing the NJ Supreme Court "legal holiday extension" orders, we'd like to share how Charles Jones is addressing searches originally issued covering the Gap Period.

Twenty-Year Statewide Judgment Lien (Upper Court) Searches completed between April 1 and April 9, 2020 were originally produced using the traditional 20-year date range, leaving a Gap Period based upon the court orders. To address this Gap Period, we are providing searches to cover March 16, 2000 through March 27, 2000, the original Start/From date, only. These searches will include your original reference number, contain all names originally ordered as a 20-year search, and will be provided at no charge. Please be advised that while the searches will display a fee, you will not be invoiced.

Due to complexities with title software integrations, these searches must be retrieved via WebXpress – the Charles Jones order detail and results repository – accessed through Sign On™ at To more easily identify these orders, we processed them on Saturday, April 18, 2020; we recommend that you search WebXpress using the only original reference number and/or April 18, 2020 as the search date to access these Gap Period orders.

Our research shows that a very high percentage of these searches will show clear results. We encourage you to review the results, however, in the event that your file did have judgments show in the gap period.

The “legal holiday extension” effectively extends the statute of limitations on NJ Judgments beyond the standard 20 years. Moving forward, we have adjusted our search mechanism to accommodate this change. These specific Gap Period searches have been made available only to address Twenty-Year Judgment Lien Orders submitted from April 1 through April 9, 2020 that were completed prior to Charles Jones making the change – Gap Searches are not required moving forward.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Call Center at 800-792-8888.

Thank you for your business!

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