Flood and Tideland Services

Charles Jones Flood and Tideland Searches

Flood Search Determination

A flood search is a determination of whether all or a portion of a designated property is located in a special or moderate flood hazard area (i.e., a 100 or 500 year flood zone) based upon the Flood Insurance Rate Maps issued by the FEMA for the sole purpose of complying with the Flood Disaster Protection Act. (Standard flood hazard searches and certifications are not intended as an opinion as to the likelihood of flooding for a particular property).

A Charles Jones flood search certification contains (and has for many years) all of the information required for compliance with federal regulations. Flood Searches are also performed for partial flooding areas to determine if a dwelling or other structure is located in a flood zone. This Dwelling Search can help provide answers when the entire property is not in a flood zone, since insurance is only required for dwellings and insurable improvements.

The company is a member of the National Flood Determination Association (NFDA), has over 30 years of experience performing these searches and currently maintains one of the region's largest inventories of map resources and data files.

Life-of-Loan Flood Monitoring

The National Flood Insurance Reform Act of 1994 requires that lenders must monitor loans to ensure that flood insurance is continued for the life of the loan and that changes in Flood Insurance Rate Maps be reflected in the requirement for insurance and the amount of premiums paid. To comply with this requirement, Charles Jones is pleased to provide an automated life-of-loan tracking service to identify properties affected by periodic changes in flood maps.

Tideland Claims Search

A certified search of riparian rights and claims established by the state of New Jersey to portions of property lying in areas presently or formerly flowed by tidal waters. Searches are made using maps and overlays adopted by the Tidelands Resource Council, tax maps, U.S. Geological Survey maps, computerized index files, and other source materials. Claimed areas are identified by the type of claim and the approximate area claimed.

The product was developed in response to the O'Neill decision by the New Jersey Supreme Court, 50 N.J. 307 (1967), and ensuing legislation, N.J.S.A. 13:1B et seq., the State of New Jersey has promulgated over 1600 maps which delineate areas to which the State claims ownership because the lands are presently or were formerly flowed by the tides or tidal streams. The validity of these far-reaching and frequently unsuspected claims of ownership was supported by the U.S. Supreme Court in Phillips Petroleum vs. Mississippi, U.S. Supreme Court, Feb. 23, 1988, Case No. 86-870. Many attorneys, title companies and title searchers do not have the time or resources to make an accurate study of these claims maps in relation to their property. But the cost of an improper determination from the maps can be very substantial. With a long history of services to the land title industry, Charles Jones recognizes the need for fast, reliable tideland searches and has developed the resources necessary to provide a comprehensive service.

Tideland Grant Search

If a property is found to have a Tideland Claim, the Charles Jones Tideland Grant Search shows prior grants and leases of any claimed area. We have the maps, data and expertise to perform the work in-house. Expect precision, accuracy and fast turnaround!

Wetland Determination

An opinion regarding the possible existence of wetlands on a designated property. The process involves research of topographic maps, aerial photography, soil survey maps, National Wetland Inventory maps, drainage basin and water supply overlays, and delineations of the specially protected New Jersey Pinelands.

These maps permit us to predict the likelihood of wetlands using the standard "three parameter" definition of wetlands based upon : soils, vegetation and hydrography. Since each variable must work together with other factors to establish a wetland, only an on-site inspection can delineate the extent of wetlands with certainty. However, a wetlands opinion provides a low cost, timely report on the likelihood of wetlands and can save significant time and money before a comprehensive investigation is made.

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