County Search Services

Charles Jones County Search Services

County Search Services

We offer County Search services for all 21 counties in New Jersey. Plus, with the development of DTS Title Plants in numerous counties throughout New Jersey, our County Search Services gives you extra power. We use experienced searchers, plus the power of the Title Plant to expedite completion of your County Searches. Because many of our searches can be completed using the plants, we are not limited by the hours of county record rooms. Seasoned, professional searchers execute your orders, and you receive clear, detailed, type-written title reports quickly.

Our searches include a search of the index of county land records from the date that the current title holder(s) acquired the property through the present board date. Primary Types: Present Owner, Full Searches, Foreclosure and Commercial. Projects of any size can be completed in a timely, predictable and professional manner with just one place to call with your questions.

For an updated list of our title plant county availability, click here.

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