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Businesses have a heightened awareness of the need for security when handling their customer’s information.  While Signature Information Solutions deals with public records, we are still aware that due to this heightened awareness, some clients would be more comfortable knowing their search entry and retrieval are secure.

At Signature, we utilize several methods to ensure security for our clients. When you visit our web site, you will see “Https” in the address bar of our web site URL. The “s” is important – it indicates to visitors that our web site is using an encryption protocol called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).  SSL uses encryption on the user’s end to secure the transmission so that the recipient server can decrypt the transmission.

In relation to the order fulfillment process, our online order entry system Sign On already provides secure fulfillment of search results via web delivery.  In addition, we recently introduced a new method that clients can use to obtain fulfilled orders and search results via email called Sign On Secure CloudIt is an alternate delivery method that is more secure than regular email. It was developed by Signature to augment our transmission of search results.

Our customers who use Sign On Secure Cloud receive notifications via email when documents are ready for download. A link is embedded in the email (rather than the inclusion of an attachment).  Customers click on the embedded link to advance to an encrypted login portal and enter the same credentials as when using Sign On to gain access to search results.

When using Sign On Secure Cloud as a delivery method, customers do not need to worry that the file is too large. Rather than a large attachment that cannot be delivered via email, clients receive an email with an embedded link that will allow access to search results.

With today’s regulatory climate and heightened awareness, it is imperative that online security and secure online transmission be kept as a top priority.  Signature maintains a proactive approach to online security, and Sign On Secure Cloud is one way we are developing convenient yet secure methods of doing business with our clients. What other methods have you come across in the course of doing business?


The information provided is for informative purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice or a legal opinion.  For legal advice, please consult an attorney.

Rob Lauer

Vice President, Technology

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