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We’re not getting older, we’re just getting better- right? Well, for our title plants that is certainly true. This year, ten of Signature’s thirteen title plant counties “celebrate” 30 or more years of depth. The oldest among our plants is Ocean County at 33 years of data, followed by Hunterdon, Monmouth and Somerset Counties at 32 years. Our title plants develop and get “smarter” everyday as we strive to keep board dates current to each county.

Like people, products and services that are offered by a company can grow and improve with time. I have focused my career on county searching, and title plants have become a mainstay of our industry. They have revolutionized the way we do business. Who would have imagined 30 years ago that today we would be able to order county searches from wherever we are, whenever convenient?

The American Land Title Association’s Land Title Institute defines a title plant as “a geographically filed assemblage of title information which is to help in expediting title examinations, such as copies of previous attorneys' opinions, abstracts, tax searches, and copies or take-offs of the public records.”1 Title plants allow for more efficient title examination since the instruments recorded in a county are grouped according to the land description. Search the land description, and the examiner should be able to locate the instruments for that particular lot/block.

When you understand title plants and their use, it is logical that the age or “depth” of the plant makes a significant difference. A plant that contains 30 years of data offers an advantage to the examiner over a plant that only offers 10 years of data. Searching a plant with depth is more than just a convenience; for business, it can mean working smarter, faster and it can save money. Once only a present owner tool, the deeper plants are now capable of executing full 30-year searches and a higher percentage of two-owner searches than ever before.

So, is older better? When it comes to title plants, it certainly is! For a list of our title plant counties and depths, click HERE.


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Malinda Clickner

Manager, County Search Division



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