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The year was 1985 … and as any seasoned Title Professional may recall, if you needed a New Jersey Tax and Assessment Search from a municipality, you had better start planning weeks out.

By New Jersey State Statute, New Jersey tax collectors had 10 business days (and still do!) to complete a request for a Municipal Tax and Assessment Search.   For each search request received, a separate check was required and sometimes even two - one check made payable to the Tax Collector, and the other to the Clerk (for the Assessment Search).  The search would be handwritten, with no particular uniformity, and sent to the requestor via regular mail.  In some cases there was a separate utility authority that required a separate request and check as well.

All in all, procuring a search from a municipality was labor intensive and time consuming.  In 1986, I joined an upstart company in Hackensack by the name of Techni-Scan, a legacy company of Signature Information Solutions.  Techni-Scan took a shot at providing private Tax Searches at an expedited rate of 5 business days, and offered to consolidate all the information into a uniform, easy-to-read document.  Additionally, invoicing for all searches was done monthly and customer service and delivery options were provided.

Over the next 30 years, Signature and its legacy companies have worked hard to leverage technology and innovation to further advance service levels in both turnaround time and product quality. Today, Signature information Solutions continues to innovate as we approach the ability to offer same-day service for a process that once took days, weeks or months!

Do you remember waiting weeks for your tax search? How have improvements made a difference for your business?


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Fred Burnett

Vice President, Operations



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