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Do you remember the days when poor weather shut down a business? When a business used the telephone for ALL its communications? When postal mail was the lifeblood of a business? When the terms “email” and “instant message” were not in our vocabulary?  Am I showing my age?

Age aside, the business world has evolved with technology to streamline processes and procedures. Technological advances continue to provide more ways for us to conduct business from anywhere, at any time, and this includes having employees who can telecommute.

Like many businesses, Signature realized the need to for employees to telecommute, especially after Super Storm Sandy.  This has obvious advantages for the business in terms of decreased overhead costs and a smaller carbon footprint due to less commuting by employees.  It also has obvious benefits for employees such as lower commuting costs and enhanced job satisfaction.

Customers may not readily see why telecommuting benefits them.  Why would a customer service rep working remotely benefit the client who owns a small business? Over the last few years, Signature focused efforts on maintaining the ability to conduct business even when the office is closed due to inclement weather or other issues.  While our online order entry system Sign On is available virtually 24/7, now we are able to maintain near normal operations and provide staff coverage for all of our products when our physical office is closed during normal business hours. We have made necessary changes so that while our office is physically closed, our employees can still securely process work and handle customer inquiries remotely. In addition, Signature serves customers from across the country and not all of our clients experience the same weather that we do in New Jersey.  As a result, it is important for us to be “here.”

Hurricanes Irene and Sandy proved to be a turning point for our area in many ways. Businesses were forced to examine contingency and disaster planning.  Signature was no different.  We have invested much time and effort since then, and we are proud of our ability to be able to provide the best possible service to you. Telecommuting and other methods allow us to be here for our customers, even when we are really NOT “here.”  Has your business benefited from telecommuting?  How has it changed the way that your office works today?


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Fred Burnett

Vice President, Operations


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