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It seems like everyone is in on the social media phenomenon: teens, parents, grandparents, and even companies - such as retail stores, and restaurants. And while it is may be somewhat surprising to find one of your parents on a social networking site, do you find it more surprising when you see a B2B !

I see some parallels between the growth of social media use by business and the “Reality TV Phenomenon” for broadcast television. Reality TV is cheaper to produce (fewer writers and no actors), so programming gravitates to showing us more “real people” in crazy situations rather than the traditional situation comedy. Likewise, business has discovered that the low cost of social media is an extremely cost effective promotional strategy. It keeps your name in front of people who “opt in” and their network of friends then sees your promotion on their site. almost like a personal endorsement.

Customers are opting in and choosing to follow companies – not just people! Social media has changed the fabric of marketing from a push to pull strategy. Customers want information about your company and are seeking it by pulling it from your LinkedIn® Group or FaceBook® page.

As more and individuals and companies embark on their media campaigns, they are including social media. Whether it is FaceBook®, LinkedIn® or blogs (such as this one) social media is integrated into traditional marketing campaigns. We, at Signature Information Solutions, have embarked on blogging in 2010 and created a group on LinkedIn to discuss timely topics facing the title industry.

But, does our industry see a benefit in social media?  Have you embarked on Social Media for your advertising and marketing campaigns? As a B2B – do you see a business reason for doing so?

Patrick T. Roe

Senior Vice President, Marketing & Sales


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