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The idea of having the business you own, work for, or manage in the cross hairs of a disruption can cause anxiety. What is standard or cutting-edge today can quickly become obsolete tomorrow.

An article in Forbes suggests a new approach to dealing with disruption: “… all companies -- Fortune 250 or not -- should be figuring out how to become the kind of company that disrupts the market. “In other words, the message shouldn’t be ‘how to avoid becoming Blockbuster’, it should be ‘how to become Netflix’”[1].

Easier said than done, right?

A 2018 post on Wired (in partnership with Accenture) provides some insight as to how. The post suggests that new research “…shows that more businesses need to be more confident with change. Understanding the predictable patterns of disruption will help achieve that. With this foresight at the centre of future strategy, companies can start to lead change, instead of following it."[2].

Disruption is just another word for change. We have all been through it, and it can be uncomfortable. But refusing to change can lead to more disruption for you and for your business. The truth is we have been here before, as has our industry, and our country.

Consider how you used to order due diligence searches before the Internet or title software. How did this change the way you did business? How was your staff impacted? Did responsibilities change?

Think back in history to the industrial age that took place from mid 1770’s to around 1900. Through automation and machinery, the status quo was not just disrupted, but in many cases wholly replaced. But thanks to American ingenuity, these changes also created other, new jobs.

Any period of change or disruption requires an equal period of adjustment, uncertainty and yes, anxiety. It can be scary.

What are you doing today in your business to be prepared for such a disruption? At Charles Jones, we are positioning ourselves for the inevitable change by rethinking the settlement process and how to complete orders faster without sacrificing accuracy.

What about you?



Joe O'Gorman
Senior Product Manager








[1] Why It's Important To Make Your Company The Disruptor, Not The Disrupted, 6/4/2018.

[2] The future of all industry is disruption – and that’s a good thing.

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