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Statewide Lien Searches

A statewide general lien search (i.e., Upper Court Judgment Search) in New Jersey consists of a certified search of judgments, liens, and bankruptcies filed in the N.J. Superior Court, the U.S. District Court for N.J., and the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for N.J.

It also includes a search of child support judgments filed in New Jersey and CERCLA liens (also known as "Superfund" liens). Searches can be run for any time period up to twenty years, which is the statute of limitations for most judgment liens filed in New Jersey. Liens docketed in the Law Division of the Superior Court extend as a lien on real estate throughout the jurisdiction of the Court, and therefore have "statewide general lien" status.

Charles Jones has consistently set the standard and is the leading source for certified statewide lien searches since it first performed these searches in 1911.