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Flood Search Services

A determination of whether all or a portion of a designated property is located in a special or moderate flood hazard area (i.e., a 100 or 500 year flood zone) based upon the Flood Insurance Rate Maps issued by the FEMA for the sole purpose of complying with the Flood Disaster Protection Act. (Standard flood hazard searches and certifications are not intended as an opinion as to the likelihood of flooding for a particular property).

A Charles Jones flood certification contains (and has for many years) all of the information required for compliance with federal regulations. Flood Searches are also performed for partial flooding areas to determine if a dwelling or other structure is located in a flood zone. This Dwelling Search can help provide answers when the entire property is not in a flood zone, since insurance is only required for dwellings and insurable improvements. The company is a member of the National Flood Determination Association (NFDA), has over 30 years of experience performing these searches and currently maintains one of the region's largest inventory of map resources and data files.

Life-of-Loan Flood Monitoring

The National Flood Insurance Reform Act of 1994 requires that lenders must monitor loans to ensure that flood insurance is continued for the life of the loan and that changes in Flood Insurance Rate Maps be reflected in the requirement for insurance and the amount of premiums paid. To comply with this requirement, Charles Jones is pleased to provide an automated life-of-loan tracking service to identify properties affected by periodic changes in flood maps.

Life-of-Loan coverage can be added to any flood search previously provided by Charles Jones. Life-of-Loan coverage can also be canceled and fully credited within the first 6 months of coverage, since we recognize that not every loan transaction goes to closing.